How and why to plead and pray “The Blood of Jesus Prayer”.

The most powerful spiritual warfare prayer available to you!

Has your local church taught you about “The Blood of Jesus” Prayer?

I recommend all born again Christians learn how to incorporate the following spiritual warfare prayers into their daily prayer life. But this isn’t something you just jump into and do. Please take the time to study this entire presentation.

This is an excellent explanation of the “Blood of Jesus Prayer”. It is one of the most powerful prayers one can learn. The most powerful prayer one can say. But, it has to be done right. There are a few ground rules to using this prayer.

This is possibly one of the most important lessons every Christian can learn during these days of the end.

Learn the importance of learning “The Blood of Jesus Prayer”.

First things first when learning to pray the “Blood of Jesus”.

First-it won’t accomplish anything unless it is said by a true believer. You should  be a saved Christian to use this prayer. With the assurance of salvation comes the justification to use this prayer and the power to direct it.

Secondly-In order for this prayer to be effective the believer must be in a position of surrender or submission to God and His ways. I call it positional authority.

The believer’s heart should be in a state of repentance and a thorough examination of oneself should have been done before you attempt to use it. The spiritual health checklist request form, located at the bottom of this  page, should actually be the first thing one does before you use this prayer.

To get the most powerful results, every Christian should get their own house in order before attempting this. I strongly advise you to fill out the download request form, located below, and get your free copy of the “Rapture ForeWarning Advisory” today. Use it to determine if your own house is in order. I encourage you to not skip this part. A healthy relationship with the Lord is the solid ground upon which we stand when conducting spiritual warfare. Examine yourself and seek righteousness.

Praying the “Blood of Jesus” can be powerful.

In the hands of a true believer, with a repentant and surrendered heart, one can truly see the mountains be moved. The enemy moved back. Victory over evil claimed.

‘Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ says the Lord of hosts. (Zechariah 4:6)

I personally witnessed its effectiveness in one of the most dramatic dramas of spiritual warfare I could ever imagine. A thirteen point occult group that was eight hundred miles from where we prayed the prayer was obliverated . There were over thirty people involved in an occult sacrifice ceremony and this prayer shut them down and scattered them like rats in a livestock feed room. The prayer was offered in an attempt to rescue a young woman from being abused in a satanic cult ritual. It worked better than I could have hoped for. Not only did the Lord save her from destruction, the young woman even had her witts about her enough, while the prayer was being said with her on the telephone with me, to use her second cell phone to snap a picture. When she arrived in Arizona, about three days later, she gave me the camera she had used to take the pictures. What I saw when I viewed the photos was breathtaking. She had accidentally taken three pictures of actual demons which were inside the house where she was being held. I had never seen a real picture of one before. And yes, they are just as ugly as they are represented to be. (Obviously, others have seen them also.)

This prayer is real. This prayer works. This prayer is powerful. This prayer is effective. It is primarily a defensive prayer. A prayer of protection. But as shown above, when put into the hands or mouth of a true believer with experience…watch the offensive sparks fly. Even at eight hundred miles away. Please read, study and pray before attempting to use this prayer for offensive purposes. The Lord MUST be on your side or you could do much harm. None of us would want that. I  urge you to learn about and memorize it . Hundreds or even thousands of pages have been written about these 10-15 words and the power they can contain.

The Blood of Jesus Prayer

“I Plead the Blood of Jesus over_________ (fill in-husband, child, home or car, etc), for ________ (protection or safe driving, etc)”.


3 Comments on “How and why to plead and pray “The Blood of Jesus Prayer”.

  1. I would like to have a copy of this prayer. I believe Jesus has called me to help the lost and tormented souls. I was one of them until I accepted Jesus as my savior.

    • Hi Wanda, Welcome. Sign up for the Spiritual Warfare Training. It is a lot more than the words that are said.
      The eight lesson training is free and only takes 4o days.

      God Bless
      Rev/Pastor Thomas

      • The Blood of Jesus Prayer or Pleading is the most powerful form of prayer that I’m aware of. I highly encourage everyone to try an learn to use it. The actual prayer is posted above. The actual learning’s for a believer is in gaining the understanding of the why’s and how’s.

        God Bless

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