Spiritual Warfare Training Course

2020 – The Year that Spiritual War Erupts

Are You Trained in how to Overcome and Defeat all the Demonic rising Around You?

The demonic is rising in power. Christians are under attack, spiritual attack. There is a battle going on. A battle for our souls.

Are you seeing it? Do you sense it? The war is on!

We are all in the Spiritual War of the ages!

How are we to endure all that is coming against us? Will you be one of the overcomers? 

Mat 24:13 But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved. (In the language of Jesus, Endure means to maintain ones faith)

Christians are being hurt in this spiritual war because of a lack of knowledge. If you are like most Christians you have read Ephesians 6 and maybe heard a sermon or two concerning that chapter. But your pastor was never taught the deep teachings contained in the Word  and thus, neither have you. It isn’t your pastors fault, most denominations have ignored this vital topic all together.

If you sense you are involved in a spiritual war, you can be assured that there are answers. Real answers! You need not suffer. You need not be a victim. God has given us answers. The Word of  God contains instructions that can be used immediately to be an overcomer. You need not live your life in Fear, Oppression or in Danger. Do you want to find the way to defeat the enemy? Are you knowledgeable and prepared? Are you armed? Armed with the teachings of God? He loves us and has given us the weapons to overcome all evil in His Word. He has provided us all the tools we now need.

It is time for every Christian to get trained. Trained in Biblical Spiritual Warfare by experts.

The solution– The “Spiritual Warfare Training Course” from The Joseph Plan.

Deborah-1David-slayerYou can learn to be an over-comer over all the evil in your life.

Learn to live your life under the Love and Authority of the “Blood of Jesus”! By making a commitment and and getting trained, you can live the type of life God wants for you. You can live free of the demonic.

You can be an overcomer over all evil influences coming against you. Sign up today for the “Spiritual Warfare Training Course”. You can become armed like the thousands before you. Starting today you can become an over-comer.

This free spiritual warfare training course IS for you if you are interested in learning true biblical spiritual warfare. It is for you if you have a desire to become free of all the demonic in your life and empowered by Christ to take dominion over all evil. This training is for you if you want to learn the how’s and why’s of “Pleading the Blood of Jesus” for protection and freedom. This is not a counseling course. It is a free education course of The Joseph Plan to help raise up spiritual warriors for Christ, that can then go on to help themselves and others in need.

This is a free service of The Joseph Plan and open to all adult, mature Christians. Sign up for the free eight lesson email spiritual warfare training training that will be sent to your Inbox every five days. In 40 days you will be fully trained and armed. The free email training does not include the cost of the course textbook. The textbook is the “Biblical Spiritual Warfare Manual” and is available off the menu bar. Or you can purchase the complete Spiritual Warfare Training Course in book form, entitled “Overcome Evil”. It is available in pdf instant download or in soft cover through Amazon Create Space. Sign up today with the sign up form and link below.

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You can learn to be a warrior, an over-comer over all the evil in your life. In Overcoming Evil you will learn to live your life IN and under the “Authority of the Blood of Jesus”! An eight-lesson training course that will change your life. Includes the “Self Deliverance” bonus lesson. This book contains the core lessons of the Spiritual Warfare Training Course offered by The Joseph Plan. 

Table of Contents for Overcoming Evil

Title page Introduction Lesson One-Basics of Becoming an Overcomer

Lesson Two- Understanding the problem

Lesson Three- Obtaining the Authority over the enemy

Lesson Four- Seek Righteousness, Gain Power

Lesson Five- Symptoms of Demonic Oppression

Lesson Six- Deliverance from all Demonic

Lesson Seven- How and Why to Plead the Blood of Jesus

Lesson Eight- Putting it all into action

Bonus lesson- Self Deliverance

About the Author-Rev Thomas Holm

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AND/OR you can enroll in the free 20 lesson Spiritual Warfare Email Training, where each lesson will arrive by email every five days, just follow the link here and fill out the form and confirm your registration with the link sent to your email box. Join the thousands who have received this free training before you, from The Joseph Plan. You’ll be learning from the worldwide leader in Spiritual Warfare Training.