Letters of Testimony from followers of The Joseph Plan

Personal testimonies about the power of God to change lives and heal families and relationships. During these last days there is a great movement of God. He is moving to save and heal His kids. No one needs to be an exception. Especially you!

We get many letters at The Joseph Plan. From time to time we receive a special note that we feel needs to be shared with everyone. A story with a special message.

If you have a personal story or testimony that you would like to share, please send it to: ministry@thejosephplan.org. We only reprint letters from people who have given us permission. Your testimony could be just what one person needs to change their life.

The following letter was received from Alison, who lives on a small island off of the coast of Tasmania, Australia. (6-1-14)

Pastor Thomas,
I contacted you late last year about some very real demonic stuff happening in and outside of my home, mostly to my husband, who was an unbeliever at the time.

Stuff like shovels flying through the air, axes, bags of wheat! Not falling off other objects but being picked up off the ground, on a still day and being propelled through the air. I purchased the Breaking Free of the Bondage e book. Our God is good, it all worked. We got FREE and absolutely clear of those attacks, praise God!

Then six months later I started having very vivid dreams of my ex-husband coming into my bed and seducing me. This left me upset and quite devastated. as I had been through the teaching about soul ties with former mates. I had not repented of marrying him, however.

I would wake up crying and shaking and this stuff went on for a week.
It was really upsetting me and I told my husband about the nightmares and how wrong it was. My husband said to wake him up if it happened again.

But I decided to have a look at Breaking the Bondage of Fear again and meditate on these things, asking God for direction. I prayed aloud, before sleeping, confessing my unholy marriage with this man who I had children with. I told God I was sorry I had formed a marriage with an unbeliever and also prayed that my former husband might be made aware of the saving power of Jesus again, so that he could be persuaded to repent.

Well that night his daughter came instead, (she is a practicing witch) and absolutely hates me. In this dream she had an undernourished baby who was very sick. I commanded the evil spirit, because I had recognized it by now, as just that, to leave. I claimed and plead the Blood of Jesus and told it to go. It left!
This time I was not frightened, angry or upset. I forbade it in the name of Jesus to enter my unconscious state again, ever. I forbade it by the Blood of Jesus to manifest in any form into my life, conscious or not. (Then I felt very badly for my step-daughter, as I understood for the first time, she was the sick undernourished baby, all those years ago.)
I then prayed for my step-daughter. I asked God to reclaim her from the clutches of the devil and asked God to reveal himself to her as he had when she was a child. She answered many altar calls at Church, as a child. I asked the Father to heal her heart of the rejection by her biological mother. I asked God to forgive my harsh treatment of her as an older child for her belligerent behavior. I asked God to help her understand that her rejection of me was misunderstood and I reacted badly to it. Then I fell asleep, peacefully.
The night invasions stopped!

I have had no contact with my ex husband and my step-daughter. However in the light of this awakening I ask God to show me my sins, make me aware of them now, so I can continue to clean out my spiritual house.

He shows me very gently. Sometimes it is a revelation and I ask Him for forgiveness and glorify Him who is a just and wise counselor, Almighty wonderful God.

Alison Pountney
Small island off Tasmania, Australia

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On April 20th, 2014 we received the following letter from Glen from So Africa.

Hi to whoever is reading this letter?

My wife and family are all born again believers in Jesus. My wife and I gave our lives to Jesus about 23 years ago. Throughout our walk in Jesus we kept on having good times however, and then we would be attacked from all sides. We could not understand what was going on. We were doing all we were taught in our church.

In 2014, in March, we were in quite a bad state, having very bad fights and our family members were doing things that were not them. I got tired of the life we were leading. I prayed for godliness and we started to look for information on the net, when we came across The Joseph Plan. I got a copy of their Biblical Spiritual Warfare Manual”. We read the manual together and decided to apply the teaching to our lives, we had nothing to lose.

My wife and me we sat and did about two hours confessing and repenting all our sin as we read to do in the Manual. The next day, we prayed the setting free prayer that is in the Manual. As I stood under the name of Jesus and in the power of his blood and in the power of the Holy Spirit, I saw how my wife’s’ heart got softer and all the frustration and hurt (so on) left. We had to stay in prayer and apply the prayers we had learnt in the manual. The change does not come entirely and stay after one session. We have had to change the way we live. We apply what we have learnt daily, at home, at work, in town and in every part of our lives.

We can in truth testify that what we learnt from the manual does work!


I applied the teaching at work with a brother in Jesus. We have started to pray for people at work in the name of Jesus and in the power of his blood and in the power of the Holy Spirit. What a surprise we got. We went through a day of being blessed, bondages being broken and our lives’ are going in directions that are mind blowing. At one stage we had to stop all we were doing and wait for our Jesus filled hearts to calm down.

A week later, we have had people coming and giving their lives to Jesus, just because they see the change in us, we talk about Jesus word– Not preaching. We are talking to people that we would not have spoken to, due them being bosses. On Thursday, 17.04.14 I got to work and I started to pray and talk to Jesus, when Jesus showed me the love he had for me. I was not able to do any work for the day.

At home we are finding out the true love between husband and wife. All I can tell you is every part of our relationship is alive, not like the 32 years we have been married. There is a calmness in our house. PLEASE do not think it takes one prayer and all is right. You need to apply the prayers learnt in the manual daily, all day long and stay under the authority of Jesus.

Further doors are opening. Visions that I had received about 20 years back and one vision in particular, showed me that I would be helping people that truly want to be in God’s will. We are starting get people asking when we will start study sessions. So many doors are being opened for us to bring the good news to many people and also to help people in need.


I am still trying to get to terms with all this.

When praying in the name of Jesus and in the power of his blood and in the power of the Holy Spirit, what powerful prayers they have become. They are not the same as in the past?

Today was mind blowing for us. We were still trying to get into Gods will yesterday, then today Gods hand touched us. WOW is all one can say. We are waiting to see where we will be led to next and the ride is going to be one ride and a half.

I have been a person that has always tried to apply the teaching I got in churches. The churches did not teach about Biblical Spiritual Warfare in the detail taught in the Biblical Spiritual Warfare Manual. Guys there is much more to Jesus than what we are taught in the churches. Take the step and read the manual and step out in faith and I truly can tell you there will be release in your life and great freedom for you to walk with Jesus! Why be bound by Satan?

I am waiting for Jesus’ next step in my life and my families.


Thanks and God Bless,

Glen Wantenaar


My Testimony, by Deborah Taylor (the reader’s digest version)

  1. In 2005, my husband left me for his boss’ 20 year old daughter who was 9 mo. Pregnant. Believe it or not, that was good news. I had just transferred from the Building & Planning Dept. to the DA’s office, with a pay increase. So, thank God for the increase & for taking out the trash! I knew God heard my prayers & delivered me from “the evil man”.

    Six weeks later I was in a freak skiing accident. All I remember is waking up with excruciating pain 24/7 and begging God to put me out of my misery. I was in & out of many hospitals for a year and then in & out of surgery for two years. I had 25 nerve blocks. I heard every bad report you can imagine, like you may never walk, or stand or sit again, you may lose your right arm & hand, we may have to amputate. Then I was diagnosed with Regional Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD). One surgeon told me to “Pray that you will ever be able to use this extremity again”. I had a wrist jack fixator on my right arm & hand, but my hand was inverted because of the way I fell. When they put the nails into my hand, the nails wouldn’t go where they were supposed to because the bone on the outside of the wrist was too fractured, but there was so much nerve damage that I had to wait another year just to have those bones removed. It got so bad that eventually I had to get the same whirlpool water therapy that they give burn victims. The skin turned black, died & came off. You can look at my right hand & fingers & see they are smaller than my left. My arm, hand & fingers swelled, turned black like burnt hot dogs on a grill & the skin died, just like when a person is burnt 100%. It was absolute worst case scenario.

    Then I spent the next two years in physical therapy, pain management therapy, seeing specialists, surgeons, etc. Needless to say I was in excruciating pain for the next few years and all I could do was beg God to take the pain away or take me home. He did neither. For reasons known only to HIM, I had to suffer, but He showed up to go through it with me. I even caught pneumonia twice through all of this & had to be put on a respirator for weeks.

    During all of this, I lost my job, my health insurance, my car, my rental home, everything. But, God did supernatural miracles & used so many angels unawares to help me, feed me, drive me to doctors, etc. He even had total strangers donate their sick time, vacation time & personal leave so I would continue to get a paycheck. But, even that only lasted so long. I found out later that the DA had actually gone before the Board of Supervisors to request they hold my position open an extra year and they approved it. They were only required to hold a job open for one year when an employee goes out on disability. But it was obvious that I wasn’t returning any time soon, if ever.

    Next I was being evicted. I had nowhere to go, but God sent strangers to my door to take me home, take care of me, take me to my physical therapy, pain management appointments, etc. It took two years before I could even apply for disability, even though the doctors told me I would remain totally & permanently disabled.

    After two years I finally began to receive a disability check, was able to start from scratch, I mean scratch, get an apartment, etc. He supernaturally provided for me, he used strangers to bring me furniture, etc. I may have eaten peanut butter w/no jelly, but He kept me healthy & alive.

    Finally, after 4 years, He took the pain away. I was healed. I thought I was gonna live in pain forever. I spent the next two years just praising God for taking the pain away and recovering from all the trauma.

    Then, all of a sudden, I got a noticeable lump in my throat. I went to one doctor who referred me to an ear, nose & throat doctor, I had needles put in my throat & was told I had throat cancer. A surgeon told me that I needed to be put back into the hospital immediately. He put his finger on my throat under my right ear & told me he was gonna have to cut me from “here to here”, moving his finger from under one ear over my throat to under the other ear. I told him I rejected his report & I wanted a second opinion. He didn’t like that. I actually walked out of his office, ran down the hall to the ladies room & sat there on the floor crying out to God. I had to wait a few weeks to see a plastic surgeon and I prayed & stood on THE WORD & BY HIS STRIPES I AM HEALED & I became a general in spiritual warfare & I resisted the devil till he had to flee! I refused, rejected & stood firm! I refused to even entertain the thought for one moment or let fear into my mind for one second! Praise God, when I finally saw the plastic surgeon, he took tests & told me I did not have cancer. I was healed, AGAIN!!! The devil is a liar, a toothless, barking dog on a short leash, and he has to get God’s permission to do anything, like with Job.

    I used to think about how unfair it seemed that I had to go through this all by myself, I had nobody that loved me or cared for me, nobody BUT GOD!! . I needed so much help. It was not easy letting strangers help me. I’m a very private person. That was the most frustrating part of the entire ordeal. I know now He wanted me to trust HIM only & I didn’t really have a choice.

    But now I praise God for making me go through the fire, the flood, the pain, the suffering, the torment, the loneliness, the trauma, the heartache, the humiliation, the loss, the lack, the frustration, etc, all by myself. He showed me that HE ALONE is my healer, provider, deliverer, protector, mother, father, brother, sister, husband, priest, prophet, King, judge, my EVERYTHING!!

    It is written in 2 Corinthians 1.4– HE Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.

    I know that God allowed me to endure all of those things, so that someday I could comfort someone else that may be suffering. I also know that nothing we go through is wasted. There is a reason for everything. I pray that my testimony is a comfort to anybody who hears it, reads it or hears about it. No matter what you are going through, no matter who breaks your heart or betrays you, no matter what losses you may suffer, no matter what trials you must endure, no matter what attacks may come against you, with God all things are possible. He will never leave you or forsake you.

    Deborah Taylor

    Hi there to everyone reading this.
    I have a story I would love to share, in case anyone else has had the same experience and is scared like I was when it first happened.

    I was 18 years old, (I’m 43 now). My Dad had just passed away from Alcoholism and Diabetes. He was abusive, and there was a lot of negative energy in our home. There were strange things that would happen to us, things that really terrified me at the time. My Mother had several occurrences months before mine started. At first she thought she was having strokes, but then began to realize it was evil spirits. She would be lying in bed when all of a sudden, something would jump on top of her( she thought it was the cat) and then she would be paralyzed, unable to move or speak. This went on for a while. She would see shadows on the wall and see little demons on her pillow. She would tell me, and even though I thought she was crazy-it scared the crap out of me!

    The night of my Dads funeral, it started happening to me. It’s as if something has completely engulfed you in evil. Very terrifying to an 18 year old girl. I was told to rebuke it in in the name of Jesus. When I did this, it didn’t seem to help.

    I have had vivid visions of Satan to where I would wake up screaming. This has gone on for several years. Now when this happens, I scoot close to my husband and hang on for dear life, because it actually tries to pull me off the bed! I always wonder what would happen if it succeeded! But Jesus protects me, and won’t let it win. For years I would be in denial, and try to forget about it, or wonder why this was happening to me, when I was a christian and loved Jesus.

    Recently, I found the Joseph Plan Website, and came to the realization after completing the Spiritual Warfare Study, that the Devil had strongholds on my life that must be broken. I spent days pleading the blood of Jesus, and repenting. It would stop for a while, but then I realized that the thing that has had a stronghold on me all of my life, passed down from my father, was alcohol.

    Even though I only drank a few times a week, and it didn’t cause any real problems in my life, Satan was using it as a tool to destroy me. If I didn’t stop, I would be passing alcoholism and these attacks onto my children. That in itself terrified and devastated me. I had to stop. But I had tried so many times and couldn’t.

    I prayed the powerful prayers in the Spiritual Warfare Manual. Pleading the blood of Jesus, the Deliverance Prayer, and the prayer that will free you and your children from curses passed down from ancestors. I find that if I drink, it takes me out of the Holy Spirit and away from His protection, and the attacks start up again.

    This study has helped me so much, and I am so thankful the Lord directed me here. If this is happening to you, do not fear, the Lord WILL protect you! But you must pray for God to release you from any strongholds and bondage that Satan has over you. Even though I have always been a christian, alcohol was separating me from God, and keeping me from the life He had for me.

    I realize now that by being obedient, I am opening up my life up for so many blessings: peace and joy I have never known!

    Thanks for listening. May God bless and protect you.

    In His love,


    I already purchased this book and I thank you.
    I now know my Holy birthright does not include anxiety.
    In fact I am called “to be anxious for nothing”.
    My Lord paid the ultimate price for me!

    I have moved beyond the bondage of sin and fear and
    moved Into a state of Grace with Jesus. Hallelujah!

    I have now begun a study course for prayer counseling,
    assisting others to gain a new freedom also. Thank to The Joseph Plan.

    I have wallowed in bondage of sin for years, despite being
    Born Again . The devil kept me feeling an awareness of sin
    For nearly 50 years. I urge anyone who feels that God could
    Never forgive then, to read Breaking the Bondage of Fear.

    Do the work, clean out your closet, ask God to reveal all the
    Things that you cannot remember. This way you get to wipe your
    Slate clean by the cleansing blood of Jesus.

    God Bless,
    Sister Alison Pountney,
    An island off of New Zealand


    Polly wrote the ministry. You can also at: breakthebondage@thejosephplan.org

    Pastor Holm , I have a testimony from just last week, that blew my mind and that of my Doctor and his medical staff.

    For years I,ve been battling endometroisis, there is no cure for this disease. It’s something that women have to live with and hope it don’t turn to cancer. Well two years ago the doctor found a large tumor in my uterus , the uterus was abnormal , it was cancerous. The doctor removed the tumor said there was a slit in the tumor and some of the cancer cell had xscaped, so they put me on this pill for two years. But I could only take it one year , because my insurance stopped paying for it , so I was whole year with out it. Three month ago I started to have the sign again. I went to my doctor and he ran tests and the tests showed the endometroisis, has returned.

    So because of my hew insurance he had to make another app, to do the ultrasound and took pictures. II went in to his office for confirmation about what the new tests showed and what treatment needed to be done. He came in and had the excited look and shocking look on his face, like he saw something he couldn’t explain. He told me the endometroisis is gone and that my uterus is normal. He said it was God ! He pointed up to heaven and kept saying it was God Polly and that he hadwitnesssed a healing miracle, cause there is no cure for Endometroisis.

    He has the pictures and tests of before and after , even his medical staff was blown away. They couldn’t explain the healing all of sudden. They were all in great amazing and looking up knowing that there is a supernatural healing and that its the power of the blood of Jesus and God. He said God is healing my body cause I was on bunch of meds for over 30 years. But the insurance co, stopped paying there part , so I was with out any meds for all the illness I had.

    I told God long time ago it up to him if I get healed and II told him I was tired of taking all these pills! I told him I know you are the healer, cause your words in the bible says so! I believe in Jesus 100 %, I believe in God the father 100%, The holy spirit 100%, I told God its his choice to heal or not to, I trusted Him ! I prayed the Blood prayer of Jesus over my body for a month and God listened. I will praise his name forever and ever! Thank you pastor Holm for sending me the prayer.

    *O:-) angel