Biblical Spiritual Warfare Manual — the Textbook

Biblical Spiritual Warfare Manual — the Textbook

Biblical Spiritual Warfare Manual

Textbook for the Spiritual Warfare Training Course

Thomas-Head shotThe “Biblical Spiritual Warfare Manual” contains the complete foundational  teaching for becoming a spiritual warrior for Christ. It will give you biblical based tools to defend yourself and your family daily. It will give you the tools you will need to bring the battle to the enemy, that is rising around us every day. It is the textbook for the “Spiritual Warfare Training”.

Being acclaimed as the one book that reveals the untaught biblical truths not taught by most Denominational churches.

Has your church been teaching you what the Word of God says about conducting spiritual warfare? If not this book is your answer.

You need not feel powerless against the evil rising around you any longer! This is a complete basic teaching on Spiritual Warfare, with complete Deliverance and Pleading The Blood of Jesus explanations, along with their biblical foundations and powerful, effective prayers.


A must have for all true  believers during these perilous days in which we live. Contains 188 pages.

In these pages you will learn how to take dominion over all the demonic in your life.

This is the textbook for the Spiritual Warfare Training. Also used by churches and study groups for solid Biblical Spiritual Warfare Discussions and training.

If you desire to not be a victim of demonic attacks or oppression,, this book is for you. It will give you the keys for unlocking the power of the Holy Spirit within you, if you are saved.


Biblical Spiritual Warfare Manual

Table of Contents

Home Introduction
Chapter 1 There is a solution!
Chapter 2 Living under the Authority of Jesus Christ
Chapter 3 Overcome All With God Given Strength
Chapter 4 Deliverance from Demonic Curses and Attacks
Chapter 5 How does sin open the Door for the Demonic
Chapter 6 The List !The different types of Spirits/Demons
Chapter 7 Prayers to protect you from the Demonic
Chapter 8 Pray for the complete Protection of God
Chapter 9 How and Why to Plead the Blood of Jesus
Chapter 10 Praying Deliverance from all Evil
Chapter 11 Freedom from Fear!
Chapter 12 Can a Christian lose their Salvation
Chapter 13 The Apostasy. How can we tell
Chapter 14 The Source Code for An Enduring Faith
Chapter 15 Bible verses to calm your Soul and build your Faith
Addendum A The Salvation Prayer
Addendum B The Rapture Forewarning Advisory
Addendum C The List of Spirits by Name


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A must have for all those learning Spiritual Warfare and group studies!

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    • All of your questions will be answered if you take and learn the teachings contained in the “Spiritual Warfare Training Course”, Basil.
      And it is free if you take the email course.

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